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This page is a summary of a blog post we wrote describing our values, culture, and work.

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Give a Shit

We are successful at Atomic because people care. We care about our customers, our company, our colleagues, and our professions.

Teach and Learn

A diverse client base means diversity in technology and problem domain. Atoms are encouraged and funded to attend conferences. Atoms regularly publish papers and articles and speak on the art of software development.

Share the Pain

We share the pain on projects with less than ideal circumstances. We carefully plan assignments to help people grow as professionals. Our equal-shares cash employee bonus, distributed quarterly, is symbolic of our personal responsibility, all-for-one, one-for-all attitude.

Own It

Atomic encourages employees to own their craft, their work, their responsibilities within the organization, and to our clients. Atoms donít stand by and wait to be told what to do. They see problems and opportunities and seize them. “Own it” is where we put caring into action.

Act Transparently

Many of our business practices, both client-facing and internal, are based on active transparency. We connect our clients directly to their team, not through an intermediary. We measure our actual progress and share it weekly. We practice open book management and educate employees about the economics of the company.

Our co-founder and president has written more about our values on his blog, Great Not Big.



Weíre committed to each other. Atomic has never laid anyone off for lack of work. Our people stick around and thrive.

Trust & Responsibility

Discussions on policy are many; policies are few.

Consultant Mindset

We expect all employees to think like a consultant and act like an owner, and our employees in turn receive many benefits of ownership (quarterly profit sharing for everyone, actual ownership to long-term employees).


Everyone knows the condition of the company and feels connected to its ongoing success. Politics is almost non-existent; openness is the norm.


We vigorously discourage working at a non-sustainable pace (i.e. regularly scheduled overtime). We work smart so we donít have to work unsustainably.


One of the most exciting aspects of Atomic is the variety of work we do. Our experience spans technologies, industries, client size. At Atomic we consider ourselves experts at becoming experts. This means we need to be able to quickly come up to speed on new technologies and domains in order to best serve the diverse and complex needs of our customers. In a nutshell, working at Atomic is not boring, and it will require you to be a fast learner.

Atomic Object is an equal opportunity employer. Bottom line: We welcome applications from anybody who shares our vision for building software that delights the people who use it and makes the companies who fund it more profitable. Please see our diversity statement for details.

We have a post in our company blog that describes in more detail our values, culture, and work.

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