Justin DeWind

With us since: September 2005

I received my B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Grand Valley State University in 2006.

Before coming to Atomic Object, I participated in several independent research and case studies at GVSU, including the development of an application for non-visual web browsing with Dr. Robert Adams. Additionally, I spent a year working for the Institutional Marketing department at GVSU developing web applications. During my time working there I gained experience in ColdFusion, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, and SQL.

I joined AO in September of 2005 as an intern, where I learned how to actually develop software professionally. During that time I gained experience in Test Driven Development, Agile project management, and a fervor for developing ridiculously good software.

Since becoming fully fledged atom in May of 2006, I have been apart of many different projects using a diverse set of technologies and languages. Most recently, I have worked on PersonalDesigner, an application that allows a person to virtually paint their room. Before that I worked on several projects for Chrysler, including an application that is similar to Wire Shark which captures data from a CAN Bus (Vehicle Network). This helped diagnostic engineers to better troubleshoot problems on a vehicle.

Aside from being proficient in many different languages. I personally enjoy programming in Ruby, JRuby and dabbling in Objective C whenever I find an excuse to make a Cocoa application.

I have had extensive professional development experience with the iOS Platform. Atomic Object recently completed an iPod Touch application that communicated with and responded to commands from an embedded microcontroller. The iPod application had over 190 tests, was written using Presenter First development style, and was fully integrated with our continuous integration system.

Other iOS mobile projects I have or am leading:

When I am not glued to my computer screen you can probably find me tracking professional and college sports in Michigan (even the Lions). Besides my healthy addiction to sports I enjoy running and weight lifting whenever I get a chance.

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