Justin Kulesza (“JK”)
Problem Solver
With us since: May 2010

I want to make technology work for people to solve problems.


Originally from the Detroit area, I moved to the Grand Rapids area to attend Grand Valley State University, pursuing a degree in Information Systems. I decided to live here permanently, and I love it. I graduated from the GVSU Padnos College of Engineering and Computing and the Meijer Honors College in 2010 with a B.S. in Information Systems and a General Business minor. After graduation, I began my job here at Atomic Object. I am currently pursuing my MBA at Western Michigan University.

My Work:

I have great interest in and passion for operations and system administration. Here at Atomic Object, I often use the title “Problem Solver,” but most places would probably refer to this role as “DevOps” or “DevMin.” (See DevOps).

In addition to the typical operations work that I do for Atomic Object internally, I often work with project teams to facilitate bringing an application to production, and maintaining it in production after development has finished. Unlike traditional “operations”, I start working with the development team much earlier (and continue working with them) so that we can understand and prepare the environment that the application will be deployed to. Once the application is in production mode, I help with monitoring, scaling, maintenance, etc. If application development is ongoing, I help setup automation and means to rapidly test and deploy the application. Mike English (the other “Problem Solver” at Atomic) and I often work together in this capacity.

I have worked on a huge variety of projects at Atomic, perhaps most notably the SME Toolkit, a project sponsored by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group. I spent my first year at Atomic working solely on the SME Toolkit and still contribute to it regularly.

My Interests:

Some of my favorite things to work with:

  • Programming languages: Ruby, Bash
  • Operating Systems: GNU/Linux, UNIX
  • Web Servers: Apache, nginx
  • Databases: MySQL
  • Monitoring: Zabbix
  • Automation: Chef, Puppet
  • Virtualization: Vagrant, VirtualBox, VMWare, Xen
  • Concepts/Standards: Character Encodings (Unicode),



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