Paul Hart

Senior User Experience Designer
With us since: March 2010

I have been dreaming, architecting, designing and coding websites since the days when font tags were necessary and the Netscape browser was cutting edge. In short, I am an advocate for the web user. My passion is to make things simple and even obvious for the user. My work fills in the gaps of communication the user may have with a person, product or service.

My passion is to make things simple and obvious for the user. I like to fill in the gaps of communication the user may have with a person, product or service. Working with clients, I help them communicate what they do and why they do it. By creating a motivating experience for their customers, they take the next step in the communication cycle, and will hopefully be “delighted.” A happy customer is a brand advocate.

I like to think of myself as an artist in a geek’s world, but if you called me a geek, I probably wouldn’t mind. My career started in advertising and branding, and has evolved into user experience design. My degree in Technical Communication at Michigan Tech gave me a strong foundation in spatial visualization in a context of engineering. Client projects have been concentrated in the areas of higher education, non-profit, health care and business to business. My experience includes designing content management systems in Perl, ASP, Java and Ruby on Rails as well as being fluent in semantic HTML and CSS.

On a day to day level, I spend my time dreaming with clients, discovering the user’s wants and needs, providing plans and road maps for the entire web development journey through user personas, mental maps, communication cycles, sitemaps, wireframes, and graphic mock-ups. Throughout the process, I provide the vision for the look, feel, information architecture and user interaction with any user interface—web, desktop, mobile or embedded applications.

While technology may change, the human desire for communication is at the center of what I do. With a strong background in marketing and branding, I always want to get at the heart of where the user is, and what they’re trying to accomplish.

Writing & Presentations

Client Experience

  • ArtPrize
  • Covenant Retirement Communities
  • Daytimer
  • Fiserv
  • Gordon Food Services, Canada
  • GR City Points
  • Herman Miller
  • Lear
  • Kidtelligent
  • Microline Inline Devices
  • Ottawa Intermediate School District
  • Priority Health
  • World Bank (IBM)

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