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Most software companies specialize in one particular market or technology. By specializing in software craftsmanship, Atomic can succeed in any market with any technology.

Our Work


Grand Rapids’ web-based incentive program that rewards recycling and other forms of civic engagement. Read More >


The InQwizIt assessment system helps educators create and administer student assessments, then analyze data across a dozen school districts. Read More >

Covenant Retirement Communities LifeConnect

A profile and wellness application developed to help retirement homes assess residents’ needs and provide better levels of care. Read More >


A first-of-its-kind resource that helps parents and educators understand a child’s unique personality and maximize their academic, athletic, and social potential. Read More >

Catalog Choice

A free service that helps people reduce unwanted mail by allowing them to opt-out of mailing lists. They’ve grown to serve over a million people and thousands of companies. Read More >


A collaborative social learning platform that allows users to teach each other via presentations, text, video, and screencasts. Read More >


An innovative and flexible web-based ecosystem that efficiently matches people in need with those who can help. Read More >


Realius invented Fantasy Real Estate. They needed to build an entirely new gaming platform from scratch and discover the gameplay over time. Read More >

Mock Draft Central

A fantasy sports startup that gives enthusiasts a place to practice drafting teams. Read More >

Priority Health HealthInSite

An application that aggregates millions of insurance claims data points and provides plan holders with clear, actionable reports. Read More >

MANAGE Module for AGI’s Velocity Suite

A web-based prioritization manager that uses time buffers to improve execution management. Allows firms to compare the varied tasks of production – apples to apples – and prioritize them accordingly. Read More >

ReapSo (iOS)

ReapSo makes mobile marketing easy for small businesses by helping them offer customized rewards to loyal customers. Read More >

Willow Creek Engage (iOS)

Engage helps users stay engaged in their spiritual journey throughout the day. It was created for members of Willow Creek Association churches. Read More >

Faurecia SmartFit (Android)

SmartFit by Faurecia helps passengers adjust their car seats via their smart phones. Read More >

ArtPrize app screen

ArtPrize Voting App (iOS, Android)

ArtPrize is a radically open art competition in our own Grand Rapids, Michigan. This app helps visitors find entries and cast their votes. Read More >

SideReel Mobile App (iOS)

The app translated SideReel’s popular web experience — finding, tracking, and watching TV shows — to a convenient mobile format. Read More >

Herman Miller Education Solutions iPad App (iOS)

This iPad app enhances customers’ NeoConshowroom experience by comprehensively showing Herman Miller’s Education Solutions products. Read More >

Priority Health Mobile Member Card (iOS)

A HIPPA-compliant app that allows Priority Health members to view their health care member card and fax it to care provider offices. Read More >

Project X

A company we cannot name came to us with a project we cannot talk about for an industry that we can only say involves products. Our client developed an innovative product concept that required an iPhone/iPod Touch for the interface. Read More >

Blue Medora

Blue Medora creates extensions for IBM and Oracle enterprise software. This new software company was born with bootstrapping help from Atomic Object. Read More >

AGI: Production Training Simulator

The Production Training Simulator helps AGI, experts in the Theory of Constraints, train their clients and improve their production processes. Read More >

X-Rite Personal Designer

Personal Designer helps X-Rite provide consumers with an advanced, interactive, virtual room painting experience. Read More >

Burke E. Porter Machinery: Dyno Host

Dyno Host is a sophisticated interface for Burke Porter’s dynamometer testing, built from the ground up. Read More >

Lockheed Martin Training

Lockheed Martin Canada is a global corporation involved in the research, design, manufacture and integration of advanced graphics-intensive applications. We offered training in Test-Driven Development (TDD). Read More >

MMPC: Automated Testing for InterSystems Ensemble Productions

Atomic Object to provided project management services and improved the quality and speed of Ensemble development projects on this 3 year, $10 million dollar, 40 person Epic EMR conversion and implementation. Read More >

Gentex Process Improvement

Atomic Embedded helped Gentex incorporate better testing practices into their automotive software development, helping them achieve the SPICE level certification required by their clients. Read More >

X-Rite: MA9x Spectrophotometer

We helped X-Rite improve their embedded software process by applying Agile practices to a tremendously complicated, large, firmware development effort building complex color measurement technologies. Read More >

Herman Miller

Atomic Object helped Herman Miller create a wireless data acquisition system for monitoring space utilization in corporate environments. Read More >

DaimlerChrysler: Handheld Automotive Diagnostic Tools

DaimlerChrysler’s DCC Tools division needed a way to update their diagnostic tools each year while maintaining legacy support. We helped them build innovative simulators and end-to-end test rigs. Read More >

Our client list includes companies in aerospace, automotive testing, color management, manufacturing, and more.

Our client testimonials attest to the success of our approach utilizing the best available technologies.

Atomic Embedded

In 2011, we created a new group to specialize in embedded development.

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