Configuration Management Testing with Chef

DevOps West Michigan Meetup, October 2014

Content Marketing at Atomic

Michigan Marketing Minds, September 2014

The Path to ‘Software Developer’

Samsung Mobile App Academy, July 2014

Things We Think We Know: Design + Entrepreneurship

Design for Good, June 2014

We’re All Software Companies Now

Techweek Detroit, May 2014

Introduction to Emmet

South East Michigan Javascript Users Group, May 2014

Machine Learning

Ann Arbor Craftsman Guild, May 2014

Why Execution Matters for Innovation

Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference, May 2014

Going Mobile: From Idea, to Development, to Final Outcome

GRAPE & MTAM, April 2014

Hey, Girl. You know you want to be a software developer.

Oakland University Women in Computing Lecture Series, April 2014

Whirlwind Tour of Writing Games in Ruby

Scale 12x, February 2014

14 Years of TDD: What We’ve Learned at Atomic Object

Agile Groupies, February 2014

Communicating with a Fist Full of Wires

CodeMash, January 2014

Auto Layout – Part Deux

Ann Arbor CocoaHeads, December 2013

Inclusive & Accessible UX Practices – How Low-Fidelity Artifacts Promote Whole-Team Collaboration

Balanced Team Conference, November 2013

Kicking and Screaming: Bringing Agile Practices to the Reluctant

Agile Groupies, October 2013

zip Code: Unpacking Data Compression

Strange Loop, September 2013

Macros! (Creating Lisp Macros with Clojure)

Lambda Jam, July 2013 | Detroit Clojure Meetup, July 2013

The Code that Isn’t There

QCon New York, June 2013

Companies for Craftspeople

Path to Craftsmanship, May 2013

Ruby, meet iPhone

MobiDevDay, May 2013

Time-based Estimates Are for Suckers; Size-based Is the Way To Go

GLSEC, April 2013

Nurturing Top-Notch Tech Teams

GLSEC, April 2013

Creating Context Scenarios

GRDevDay, March 2013

Visualization Is for Everyone

SoftwareGR, March 2013 / GRDevDay, March 2013 / Grand Rapids Java User Group, Sept. 2012
Citerus (Stockholm, Sweden), May 2012

Atomic’s Speculative Development Story

D-NewTech, December 2012

Using Types to Write Your Code for You

1DevDay Detroit, November 2012

Integrating Design and Development to Make Great Software

MSU Women in Computing, November 2012

Data Structures: The Code That Isn’t There

Strange Loop, September 2012 & Detroit Lambda Lounge, June 2012

Mocking Your Way to the Bottom

Design East, September 2012

Node.js and Asynchronous Programming with Promises

Grand Rapids Web Development Group, March 2012

Big Visible Charts

Michigan Agile Enthusiasts, December 2011

Companies for Craftsmen

Software Craftsmanship North America, November 2011

The Use of Burn Charts to Manage Projects

1DevDay Detroit, November 2011

Happy Makers Make Happy Customers

GR DevDay, November 2011

JRuby, Rails, and Torquebox

GR DevDay, November 2011

Building Ruby Applications – A Walkthrough

GR DevDay, November 2011

Web Application Framework Shoot-out

GRWebDev, October 2011

Planning for Scale

Business of Software, October 2011

Managing Balanced Team Projects

Balanced Team Conference, September 2011

JRuby, Rails, and Torquebox

DetroitRuby, August 2011

Growing Your Embedded Application Organically with Ceedling and Friends

AgileConf, August 2011

Lightweight Project Tracking with Burn Charts

SoftwareGR, June 2011

Ruby for Desktop Applications? Yes we can.

Grand Rapids Java User Group, May 2011

Between Freelance and Corporate America: Sustainable Companies for Smart and Creative People

TEDxTraverseCity, May 2011

Extreme Design: The Secrets to Successful Design Pairing

Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference, April 2011

Way Better Error Handling in C Using CException

Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference, April 2011

Embedded test-driven development in C with Ruby

Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference, April 2011

Trash your RFP: how to select the best vendor

Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference, April 2011

Integrated Design and Development

Agile and Beyond, March 2011

HTML5 Offline

GRWebDev, January 2011

Crafting Your Mobile Strategy

Michigan Emerging, November 2010

30-50% of you are lousy estimators: here’s how to get better

1DevDay Detroit, October 2010

Sustainability = f (Idea, Execution, Culture)

TEDxGrandValley, August 2010

Running a Ruby application with jruby-complete

Grand Rapids Ruby meetup, March 2010

Pew Pew – Writing Games in Ruby

Southern California Linux Expo, February 2010

The Agile Alternative

Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference, November 2009

Introduction to FLEX

Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference, November 2009

Delivering Software Certainty

Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference, November 2008

Agile: It’s More Than Just Makeup

Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference, November 2008

Agile Project Management. Or, Burning Your Gantt Charts.

Embedded Systems Conference Boston, October 2008

Feature-Driven Design Using TDD and Mocks

Embedded Systems Conference Boston, October 2008

Effective Rails Testing Practices

Windy City Rails, September 2008

Blowing a Wad vs Building a Business

Right Place 4th Friday, April 2008

Convincing the Executive: economic arguments for agile

GLSEC, November 2007

An Automated Mock Object Generator for C++

GLSEC, November 2007

Enhancing Embedded Development with Ruby

RubyConf, November 2007

Improving the Embedded Development Process

Open Source Convention, July 2007

Interaction-Based Testing: Beyond Classical Unit Testing

Dr. Dobb’s Architecture and Design World, July 2007

Fostering Excellence in IT Services through Quality and Innovation

GLSEC, October 2006

Perils and Pitfalls of Agile Adoption

SD Best Practices, September 2006

Agile Intro + Story Driven Development

XP West Michigan, January 2006

System Testing in Ruby with Systir

Ruby Conference, October 2005

Acceptance Test Automation to Support Story Driven Development

IQAA, October 2005

Quick & Practical Ruby

X-Rite, April 2005

Sane Software Development

Smiths Aerospace, March 2005

Agile Project Management in Extreme Programming Projects

Project Management Institute, May 2004

OO Testing: From Academia to the Real World

Uppsala University, May 2002

Better Living Through Extreme Programming

AITP, October 2002

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