Customer Testimonial

Bruce Watson, AGI

Impressive Results for Your Unique Business

We have a reputation for process genius, fanatical testing, high quality, and software joy. Whatever your business, our methods will work well in your field. Take a look at our Portfolio. We’ve done work in e-commerce, kiosks, embedded systems, and automotive tools to name a few.

An Obsession with Great Custom Software

Typical custom software firms specialize in a particular market niche or in a particular technology. We, however, chose to become experts in the craft of software development itself. We are ever improving, and our software success naturally helps your business.

An Agile Process to Meet Needs You Didn’t Know You Had

Your project will change as it develops. We embrace that change. Our process is based on Agile Methodologies and delivers great software through short development iterations (1 or 2 weeks in length). You prioritize each iteration’s features. Then, we build, test, and deliver incremental releases of the final product. This minimizes your financial and project risk and will cause you to fall madly in love with us.

Design that Matters

We’re more than code junkies. We’re a company that cares how a product works and what it says to its users. There is no reason why your custom software should be difficult to understand or confusing to use. We’re finding innovative ways to integrate great design into great software and to learn along with you what your software wants to be.

Relentless Software Testing Means High Quality

We simply don’t release anything that isn’t tested. Tell us something can’t be tested under automation, and we’ll go prove it can be. We create tests before we write the complementary production software. Test Driven Development means your software is as flawless as practically possible. The office traffic light goes red if even one of our thousands of automated tests fails.

Atomic Weight Watchers – Lean Development

Our company and our processes are always on a diet – we strive to be lean and lightweight. We aim for simplicity, openness where mistakes are admitted and learned from, and transparency with you. All this reduces the collective mass of your project and means quick response, good communication, reduced cost, and relevant decisions.

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