Software Developer & Consultant

Work with smart, passionate people. Make cool stuff. Learn every day.


Ann Arbor

Atomic is growing a diverse and inclusive team of curious, creative people who love creating great software for our clients.

We're looking for thoughtful problem solvers who are passionate about development and have excellent people skills.

The Position

Atomic Object is a consultancy that creates custom software products. We work across web, mobile, desktop, and embedded product development—helping our clients innovate and grow by doing what they do better.

Atomic makers work on self-managed teams of 2-10 designers, developers, and testers—collaborating to create products for our clients, from the idea phase through launch and beyond.

As a developer at Atomic, most of your time will be spent writing tests and code. But you'll also participate in the entire lifecycle: Research, Design, & Planning, project management, technical documentation, meeting with the customer, user testing, etc.

Atomic teams are project-based, so you'll get to work with new people and tackle new challenges every 6-12 months.



Applicants should:

  • Have at least 3 years of professional development experience.
  • Be familiar with several programming languages and have in-depth experience with at least one.
  • Write clean, logical, high-quality code and adopt test-driven development and Agile practices.
  • Have a degree in Computer Science or a related field, or professional industry experience. Have a strong grasp of computer science fundamentals.


Atoms don't all look alike or act alike, but we all share a culture that revolves around respect, collaboration, openness, continuous learning, and immense pride in doing good work.

Atomic's developers also have six very important things in common:

  1. Self-Managing – Atoms work on maker-led teams. We must be focused, self-directed, and good at managing our work.
  2. Consultant Mindset – Our goal is to create a product that will provide the maximum value for the client's investment. We delve into the business context and closely manage our time, our users' needs, and our client's budget.
  3. Curiosity & Love of Learning – Because we try to find the best tool for every situation, Atoms are fast learners who can quickly ramp into a new toolset or language. You might move from developing a web app in Ruby to creating an internal application in .NET to building a mobile app in Objective-C or Java. It's one of the reasons Teach & Learn is one of our six value mantras.
  4. Passionate about Development – We're passionate about doing really good work (we Give a Shit), and we constantly work to improve our skills and our refine our practices.
  5. Strong Communicators – We're clear, transparent communicators who understand our audience, give them the right level of detail, and help them make smart, informed decisions.
  6. Team Oriented – We work side-by-side with designers, clients, and other developers, discussing our work and managing a constant flow of feedback. Atoms put the needs of the product over their own egos.

Why Atomic?

Atomic is a great place to do awesome work. As an Atom, you'll:

  1. Join a tight-knit group of makers working in an atmosphere of friendship, exploration, and respect.
  2. Work on a variety of projects and help make pipelines safer, cities greener, healthcare smarter, and old products new again.
  3. Be part of a transparent, employee-owned company that's active in making the software community stronger, smarter, and more diverse.
  4. Work with smart, interesting people who are passionate about Atomic's values and who love to work here:
  5. Receive great benefits, including support for professional development, schedule flexibility, employee ownership, 401(k) contributions, and generous vacation time.

If you'd like to find out more about Atomic or this position, don't hesitate to drop us a line.

Becoming an Atom

If you're a hard-working, curious, thoughtful person who wants to create great software products, consider becoming an Atom.

Email jobs @ atomicobject.com the following:

  1. Your resume.
  2. Your contact information. Include your name, email, and phone number.
  3. A list of the Atomic offices where you'd consider working. We currently only have openings in our Ann Arbor office.

We'll get back to you within a week to start our interview process.