There’s a lot riding on your project: revenue, reputation, and the chance to do something revolutionary.

Reliable Experience

Atomic has helped over 120 companies create more than 200 applications.

They trust us to understand their big picture, respect their budget, and delight their users. And Atomic delivers—consistently.

I hired Atomic because 4 out of 5 developers recommended them as the shop that could get it done right and fast. They delivered. Bottom line—if you have an important piece of software to develop and want to do it right the first time, look no further than Atomic Object. Josh Little, CEO & Founder, Bloomfire

Satisfied Clients

We work with a wide range of clients—from startups to Fortune 500 companies—across many industries. However you serve your customers, we can help you innovate and shake up your market.

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How do we know our clients are satisfied?

They keep saying nice things about us. And many (Steelcase, John Deere, Deluxe, Herman Miller, and Spectrum Health, to name a few) have come back with new projects.

The user interface exceeds our expectations. Atomic added a lot of creativity to our prototype, and it came out beautifully. Other groups within Eaton saw our approach and want to emulate it with their projects—we set a standard for our software’s look and feel. Bob Green, Engineering Manager, Eaton

Past Projects

Our clients are using custom software to do a lot of cool things


Team Expertise

Atoms are smart. They have to be.

The software world is always changing, so the people who create it need to be curious, adaptable, poly-skilled, and passionate about learning. That's what you'll find at Atomic.

Becoming an Atom isn't easy—as a consultancy, we can't afford people who aren't at the top of their craft. So we test applicants on technical knowledge, cultural fit, communication skills, curiosity, and teamwork. Once hired, Atoms keep honing their skills. We also invest heavily in continuing education.

Learn about our Culture

Not just a bunch of newbies

Over 70% of Atomic makers have 5 or more years of professional, full-time experience. 20% have at least 15 years of experience.

And Atomic won't pull a bait and switch. We rarely use contractors to supplement our teams, so these Atoms are the people you'll be working with.

Atomic doesn't just "do as ordered." They actively engage in finding the best solution, and we have learned to trust their expertise. They truly own the project. We highly recommend Atomic to anyone. Marina Ferguson, Covenant Retirement Communities

Stability and Growth

In it for the long haul

Carl Erickson, our co-founder and CEO, wants Atomic to be the first 100-year-old software design and development consultancy. We think we've made a pretty good start.


We're smart with our money, just like we're smart with yours. Atomic is financially conservative, with a diverse client base, a healthy rainy-day fund, and broad employee ownership. So while we've never aspired to grow, grow we have—organically and consistently, without ever having to lay anyone off for lack of work.

If you'd like to know more about Atomic's history or finances, download our Fact Sheet.

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Tech Community Reputation

Teaching and learning with other makers

Atomic frequently presents at conferences, meet-ups, and other professional groups. Here's what we've been talking about recently:

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Our AO team morphed into our process and took ownership. They delivered the product on-time, under-budget, and with increased scope. They should be very proud of what they were able to accomplish. Eric Prins, Priority Health

Low Risk, High Value

Smart vs. dumb risk

You embrace market risk because it can bring great rewards. But technical risk—buggy code, confusing interfaces, scalability problems, missed deadlines, disastrous deployment? That's completely avoidable.

As long as you have the right kind of team.

Earning Our Keep

Atomic will use your budget to create an amazing amount of value. How?

Smart, dedicated people

Atoms truly care about the success of your product, they understand your goals, and they work hard to meet them.

Proven Practices

Our adaptive process uses integrated teams, continuous testing, and weekly delivery to create a product that will pay off for years to come.

Effective project management

Atomic has almost never missed a deadline, and on those rare occasions, it wasn't a surprise. And we help clients develop responsible budgets and get the most value for those budgets.

Open Communication

We're open and transparent, so you can have confidence that we're always on the same page.

Yes, our hourly rate is higher than offshore firms or solo programmers, but there's a lot you're not getting from Atomic—like blown budgets, glitchy software, unhappy users, disappearing developers, and extra maintenance down the road.

And we don't play pricing games. At Atomic, market-competitive rates get you above-average results.

We have a great working relationship; we share ideas. Brittany will push back when needed and make us think things through. It’s not just a "see: do" kind of a thing. It’s “Hey, I’ve got some thoughts and some value to add to this conversation." Bob Greene, Eaton
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Info to Go

Want to discuss Atomic Object with a colleague? Download our Fact Sheet (PDF). It's only a few pages long and includes things like our skill set, services, approach, locations, contact info, and facts about our history and team.

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