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Justin DeWind

Software Consultant & Developer, Grand Rapids

I received my B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Grand Valley State University in 2006.

Before coming to Atomic Object, I participated in several independent research and case studies at GVSU, including the development of an application for non-visual web browsing with Dr. Robert Adams. Additionally, I spent a year working for the Institutional Marketing department at GVSU developing web applications.

I joined AO in September of 2005 as an intern, where I learned how to develop software professionally. During that time, I gained experience in Test Driven Development, Agile project management, and a passion for developing ridiculously good software.

Since starting with Atomic Object, I've been responsible for kicking off and managing large and complex software projects, everything from building a new mobile platform (VNN, Banker's Dashboard) to helping coordinate teams around a brand new product spanning embedded, hardware, and web. Recently, my work has expanded to include sales support and consultation with internal teams, relating to project management.

My professional experience includes
  • iOS & Android Applications using Java, Objective-C, and Ruby
  • Web applications using Ruby & JRuby
  • Webservices using Java & C#
  • Desktop applications using Java & C#
Open source projects
  • Objection – a dependency injection framework for Objective-C
  • motion-objection – a RubyMotion gem that integrated support for Objection
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