Devney Hamilton

Software Consultant & Developer, Ann Arbor

Devney Hamilton

As an emerging software engineer, I came to Atomic because I know that software can only be as good as how we build it. Atomic’s commitment to quality at every little step—from the first conversation about an idea to refactoring the last test case—is essential to building software that users really want to use, engineers really want to continue engineering, and managers really want to continue managing.

Prior to joining Atomic, I worked on usage tracking and A/B testing with an education web platform based in Palo Alto, CA. I engineered with a small grassroots organization in Oakland to build online applications for a community organizing campaign. In all these projects, I enjoyed the challenges of understanding what people really wanted, simplifying the problem wherever possible, and turning ideas into code that people can use. My favorite language is always the best tool for the job at hand. I’m comfortable figuring things out anywhere in a web stack, from database server logs to CSS.

Last spring I finished my Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Stanford University, where I concentrated on Artificial Intelligence. My favorite projects involved network analysis and natural language processing: I love using math to model what’s going on and ask new questions. I like teaching, and served as a course assistant for statistics and logic classes. I also got to teach with Girls Who Code for two summers, where my teaching team opened the door for forty girls with little or no previous exposure to computer science to imagine, design, build, and demo their own software in a few weeks. My students’ curiosity, creativity, practicality, and get-it-done approach guides my own work.

Outside of Atomic, I’m learning how to support community-led efforts for racial justice, prison abolition, and queer liberation. I also greatly enjoy time with my family and friends, library visits, drawing and music, the outdoors, and sharing hot chocolate.

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