Drew Hoover

Software Consultant & Developer, Ann Arbor

Drew Hoover

Being a software developer feels so natural to me now that it’s weird to think I first graduated with a BA in history. Several years ago I decided to build my own computer to help my burgeoning photojournalism career. By the time the thermal paste had set on my Intel i5 processor, I had unwittingly begun pursuing a different path: making software.

Before long, I was back in school pursuing a second degree. My previous degree in history taught me the value of spending long hours researching and writing. With computer science, I got to add instantaneous feedback from a compiler and automated tests to my long nights. I quickly learned to love those short feedback cycles which have since become the quick, iterative cycles of development.

While getting my BS in Computer Science, I became the coach of Auburn University’s competitive programming team. I did research into a digital infochemical design pattern. I had a lot of fun with Android programming. I liked my data structures class so much that I served as a TA for it twice.

In February 2016, I landed my dream job at Atomic Object, where I now make awesome software among incredibly bright and talented peers.

Outside of work, I enjoy walking my dog, cooking meals with my wife, competitive programming, reading about astronomy, and playing old school isometric RPGs.

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