Job Vranish

Software Consultant & Developer, Grand Rapids

Job Vranish

My dad taught me how to program almost as soon as I could read—I still have rather embarrassing gw-basic programs from when I was six years old. I was quickly addicted and have been a student of programming ever since.

After high school, I decided to study electrical engineering. My undergraduate degree is a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Calvin College. Having skills in both the hardware and software realms makes me particularly suited for embedded software development, which often requires forays into the hardware side of things.

After college, I worked at GE Aviation, developing safety-critical embedded software for aircraft flight management systems. I became interested in test-driven development and Agile methods while at GE, and when I could not make these things happen there, I moved to Atomic Object (a pioneer in applying Agile methods to embedded software development) in June 2011.

Most of my free time is now spent with my kids. Otherwise, I enjoy Haskell and dream of one day being able to write embedded software in a functional language (Rust looks promising). I also enjoy the theory and implementation of programming languages, vegetarian food, playing games with friends, and racquetball.

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