Kayle Hinkle

Software Consultant & Developer, Grand Rapids

Kayle Hinkle

My interest in computers began early in life. I grew up spending whatever time I was allowed on the family computer. I greatly enjoyed taking my first programming course at Calvin College as a senior in high school and went on to graduate from the University of Michigan with a B.S. in Computer Science.

After marrying my high-school sweetheart, we moved across the country to Redmond, WA where I had the incredible opportunity to begin my career as a developer at Microsoft on the Visual Studio Managed Languages Team. Over the following six years, I worked on various features across the C#/VB compilers, debuggers, and IDEs including: IntelliSense, Syntactic/Semantic classification, async/await, quick fixes, and refactorings. One of my team's most significant achievements was to open-source the Roslyn codebase, first available in Visual Studio 2015.

While working in a large codebase, I gained substantial expertise optimizing performance-critical systems. PerfView is my preferred tool for investigations. It is built on ETW and the CLR, and is useful in diagnosing CPU bottlenecks, context switches, disk I/O, garbage collections, and memory leaks.

I joined Atomic Object in 2015 after moving back to Grand Rapids to be near family. I enjoy the team culture and exercising pair-programming and TDD to improve software quality. I continue to closely follow the latest developments in the .NET ecosystem, and I’m always learning something new from the wide range of tools used to build solutions across web, mobile, and embedded projects here at Atomic.

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