Ross Patterson

Software Consultant & Developer, Ann Arbor

Ross Patterson

I still remember going with my dad to purchase a sweet 386 at the local Egghead Software retail store ca. 1987. I would spend hundreds of hours over subsequent years hacking at that gentle beast with BASIC programs whenever my dad wasn't using it for work. I had a lot of interests as a kid, but I always came back to that computer. I was hooked.

Years later I enrolled at the University of Michigan and pursued that childhood fascination, graduating in 2004 with a B.S.E. in Computer Science. I've yet to find a good reason to move away from Ann Arbor, and I've been living and working here ever since.

During my career I've worked on a wide range of development projects including RFID fleet tracking applications, oncology research information systems, and data analysis to help match patients to clinical trials. These days, my computing interests lie primarily in data storage and analysis, process automation, and highly available systems.

Outside of the office I enjoy spending time with my family, playing hockey, disc golfing, cycling, playing guitar, and baking bread (to the delight of my coworkers).

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