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Being an Atom

All for one, and one for all

Atomic doesn't ask that you know a certain language or use a certain process. But we are looking for a certain kind of person—someone who embodies our culture and values.

  • Atoms give a shit about their work, their teammates, and their clients. We pull together.
  • Atoms are generalists who enjoy learning and doing new things.
  • Atoms are great communicators, able to work effectively one-on-one with clients and users.
  • Atoms are product developers, working on poly-skilled teams to create the most valuable product possible with the client's budget.

Being “Atomic" is so important that, when hiring, we rank it just as high as technical skill or experience.

My favorite thing about working here is being surrounded by smart people who care about what they’re working on. ‒ Bryan Elkus Be
Bryan Elkus


Atomic is employee-owned, and we take good care of each other.

Mastery, Autonomy, Purpose

Atoms spend each day doing something fascinating and challenging, with:

  • Projects that make pipelines safer, cities greener, healthcare smarter, and old products new again.
  • A wide variety of technologies.
  • Smart co-workers who challenge and collaborate with you.
  • Involvement in the full product dev. process.
  • The opportunity to manage projects as Lead.
  • Craftsman Exchanges with other firms.
  • A lively culture that embraces curiosity, transparency, 30-mile group bike rides, life-long friendships, and lunchtime video games
Respect & Support

Atoms are a close-knit team. We don't take each other for granted, and enjoy:

  • Paid professional development—books, conferences, association memberships, etc.
  • The opportunity for employee ownership.
  • A sustainable working pace—overtime is rare and always paid.
  • Transparent leadership who seek employee opinions and buy-in on major decisions.
  • Freedom to choose your own development tools, and financial support to help buy them.
  • Pair lunches.
We've Got you Covered

Doing great work takes a lot of energy and focus, so we make sure your basic needs are taken care of.

  • Competitive Salary
  • 1/N Quarterly Cash Profit Sharing
  • Paid Holidays, Vacations, & Sick Time
  • Health Insurance w/HSA Contributions
  • Long/Short-Term Disability Insurance
  • Regular 401(k) Contributions
  • Annual 401(k) Profit Sharing
  • Parental Leave
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Always Learning

Ready for whatever comes next

Atomic invests heavily in books, classes, and conferences. Nearly every Atom attends a workshop or conference every year, and some attend more.

Beyond that, we all invest our own time in professional development—reading, learning new skills, attending user groups, etc. Atoms plan their own learning, on their own schedule, given their unique life circumstances and career stage.

We also share what we've learned by giving presentations during lunch and at internal events like the Design Series and our annual conference.


We're working hard to make Atomic to be a place of respect, support, and friendship—a place where every person can be their genuine self. Where hard work, kindness, and ingenuity are rewarded, and bias is struck down everywhere it appears.

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Management Philosophy

Hire trustworthy people, then trust them

The fundamental arrangement of Atoms is a Project Team—short-term groups organized around the products we create. Teams include both developers and designers, and they frequently span offices. Each one is run not by a non-technical Project Manager, but by a designer or developer on the team itself. All Atoms work directly with their clients.

We believe that decisions should be made as close to the situation as possible, so Atomic has very little management hierarchy. At the top, there's Carl Erickson, our CEO and co-founder (who blogs about running Atomic at Great Not Big). And each office has 1-2 Managing Partners with development backgrounds who handle day-to-day operations (sales, scheduling, facilities, sponsorships, etc.). That's it.

Atoms are very active in the Atomic do-ocracy. Over 60% of us are owners, and all of us have knowledge and opinions to share. Our Advisory Board of Atoms holds regular open meetings, where they investigate and weigh in on issues the company is facing. And our MPs hold quarterly company meetings to share news and the last quarter's Profit & Loss statement.

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Open Positions

We're looking for curious people who take pride in what they do and love working on a team to make great software. If we don't currently have an open position in your area of expertise, you can still send us your resume and we'll reach out when something is available.

Atomic Accelerator

About to graduate as a developer? Join Atomic as part of the Accelerator — a professional development program for new grads who want to learn far more than code.

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