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May 22, 2019

Atomic Object’s Carl Erickson Promotes Pair as Co-CEO Successors

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March 11, 2019

Atomic Object Expands Ann Arbor Footprint

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Atoms At Atomic Con
February 13, 2018

Atomic Object Certified as B Corporation

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About Atomic

Atomic Object helps companies innovate and grow by creating custom software that’s beautiful, reliable, and easy to use. We develop products that cross web, mobile, desktop, and custom devices. Predictable projects; uncommonly good software. With offices in Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor, we serve a national base of clients across many industries. Employee-owned; since 2001.


Download .eps and .png versions of our emblem and wordmark.

Atomic Object Logo Emblem Color


Our primary logo is called our Emblem. The smallest it should be represented is 0.70” or 70 pixels wide. Always leave white space or “breathing room” around the Emblem.

PNG (bitmap) | EPS (vector)

Atomic Object Logo Wordmark Color


The alternative version of our logo is the wordmark, and it is used in horizontal applications and small spaces. Always leave white space or “breathing room” around the wordmark.

PNG (bitmap) | EPS (vector)


Download headshots of the Atomic Object leadership team.

Shawn Crowley
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Shawn Crowley Co-CEO
Mike Marsiglia
Download Icon Download
Mike Marsiglia Co-CEO
Carl Erickson
Download Icon Download
Carl Erickson Executive Board Chair & Founder
Mary O'Neill
Download Icon Download
Mary O'Neill Vice President
Jonah Bailey
Download Icon Download
Jonah Bailey Managing Partner
John Fisher
Download Icon Download
John Fisher Managing Partner
Brittany Hunter
Download Icon Download
Brittany Hunter Managing Partner
Jeff Williams
Download Icon Download
Jeff Williams Managing Partner
Micah Alles
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Micah Alles Director of Product Development
Elaine Ezekiel
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Elaine Ezekiel Director of Marketing

Building Photos

Atomic Object Grand Rapids Office

Grand Rapids

Atomic Object Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor

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