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Stats on Atomic's Team

How does Atomic make successful apps? With an amazing team of software developers and designers.

These aren’t your average makers. Atoms deeply understand software—how people use it, what features provide the most value, and all the logic and code that makes it go.

We’re also familiar with scores of languages and tools, and we invest over $230,000 a year in education to stay on top of our game. That’s why we’re invited to speak at more than 25 events/year.

The Atomic team is exceptional; I can’t say enough about it. You want to work with smart programmers who enjoy what they’re doing, and that’s Atomic Object. They really invested themselves in our product. We almost consider them part of the company. Shai Gozani, CEO, NeuroMetrix

The Atomic Team

The Atomic Object Team at Atomic Con 2016

Atoms at Atomic Con, March 2016

Meet the Atoms

From our Founder

Carl Erickson on reclaiming the craft of software.


When we started Atomic Object in 2001, the status quo in the industry was dismal—buggy software, blown budgets, missed deadlines, and lots of features nobody even used. Companies were treating software-making like an assembly line process, leading to some terrible products.

We wanted to make really good software that people would actually use. And to do that by putting the human element back in software development and honoring it as a craft.

From the start, we embraced new processes like Agile that gave power and responsibility back to individual craftsmen (and craftswomen). And we built the principle of testing constantly into our DNA.

After nailing code quality, we turned our attention toward predictability and got good at project management. Our next goal was software that met users’ true needs, so we brought in Human-Centered Design practices. Now we’re working on product management, as we tackle larger and more complex products in the Internet of Things.

Craftsmanship is putting something of yourself into everything you create. It’s designing things that are useful, and building things that are beautiful. It’s loving what you do, and always working to get better at it.

It’s what still inspires us today.

– Carl Erickson, CEO

Carl Erickson in 2001 Atomic's First Company Photo Carl Erickson Today

Our vision is for Atomic Object to be a 100-year-old software development consultancy. We think we're off to a pretty good start.