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Build solutions that enable relationships, not replace them.

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Insurance, innovated.

The insurance industry is flooded with off-the-shelf software solutions to single problems. While these programs can help tackle aspects of your business, they weren’t built with your process in mind.

As the country’s top financial services custom software firm, we know tailor-made products can amplify what works for you while modernizing what doesn’t.

Our goal is to maximize your return on investment. And we deliver on time and on budget, thanks to our smart budgeting and reliable process.

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Satisfied Insurance Software Clients

The Insurance Revolution

Opportunities for modernization abound in the insurance industry. But how do you determine where to focus your resources?

At Atomic, we balance consultation with craft. We’ll be your guide, helping you make smart decisions that work for your business. Based on what we’ve seen in the industry, here are three challenges waiting to be solved by custom software.

Customer Confusion

Customers expect an easy-to-understand, personalized insurance experience. Companies that let them get lost in the details of outdated systems risk under-insuring clients and leaving money on the table.

Legacy Systems

Many insurance companies rely on legacy databases and manual data entry. These systems are expensive to maintain and difficult to modify, holding agents back from what they need to do: selling policies.

Data Silos

The companies that best understand and harness their data will win the future of insurance. When data is inaccessible, carriers cannot run important analyses to inform their risk segmentation strategy.
They're good at taking complex technical understanding and building it into comprehensible business language, which I think a lot of tech firms have difficulty doing. They're friendly, they're fast and they're reliable.

Joe Bennett, Software Architect at Flow-Rite Controls

To Build or to Buy?

We know software will power the future of the insurance industry. But how do you know if your firm should buy an off-the-shelf solution or build a custom tool?

Check out Atomic's decision guide for insurance carriers to help you navigate these tough decisions.

World-class software talent; U.S.-based

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A lot of insurance companies suffer with decades-old software that hinders their growth. Ripping out and replacing a legacy system wholesale might be more than they can take on — but there are other options to consider.

Jordan Schaenzle, Managing Partner, Chicago

You’re the hero of your software project

Here’s how we leverage your expertise to design and develop customized solutions. It’s a time-tested process that breaks down problems and unlocks your opportunities.

Our clients appreciate us for adapting our process to what works best for them. We won’t shoehorn you into an inefficient process that doesn’t match what you're trying to accomplish. Our clients are busy, and they insist on transparency and value across the entire software creation process. We deliver.

That’s why 36 clients came back to us when they had an additional project—many for more than one product. These additional new product investments total more than $33 million.

Their natural ability to talk to us in a language we could understand and guide us through decisions was phenomenal. Atomic Object provided our organization with so many educational moments without it ever feeling like they were doing so. It was always a seamless part of their communication.

Toi Valentine, Co-Founder & CPO of MeTime on their 2020 Web Development Project

Delivering On Your Budget

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Once you contact us, you’ll be put in touch with one of our Managing Partners. They’ll answer your questions about Atomic and ask about your ideas, goals, timeline, and budget. The call should take 30 minutes.

If everyone wants to move forward, we'll schedule a more in-depth meeting. After this, we’ll send you a free budget model for your project.

In the last 12 months, we’ve helped 68 business leaders develop free budget models they used to chart next steps—whether or not it was with us.

If we’re not a good fit for your project, we’ll help you figure out where to go next.

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