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In our industry, culture usually means "we’re gadget-loving, t-shirt-wearing, video-game-playing nerds." Not at Atomic.

What We Share

Yes, some of us like video games, but culture is so much deeper than shared hobbies.

Atoms' backgrounds, pastimes, and political opinions are actually pretty diverse. Our culture is all the things that unite us.

Cul-ture noun

The shared beliefs and behaviors of a group—ideas, attitudes, patterns, rituals, etc.—that are transmitted and reinforced by members of the group.

The Atomic Team

What attracted me to Atomic Object was the culture. I knew I would be working alongside intelligent, motivated people that really cared about the work they did. ‒ Ryan Abel Ra

An Atomic Way to Be

There's a lot wrapped up in Atomic culture—like open-books management, open-plan offices, and broad employee ownership. The groups we sponsor and the urban neighborhoods where we work. The way we test everything. The way we pull together to meet deadlines, then meet for a bike ride and a beer.

Atomic attracts people who are creative and practical. Passionate and kind. People who put the team above their own egos. Who are motivated not by power or prestige but by the sheer joy of making something awesome.

If this sounds like you, apply to be an Atom. We're usually on the lookout for more great people.

Living Our Values

We summarize our culture with five value mantras

Read about our values

Stronger Together

Atomic's culture is something we create together, every day—using our values to make decisions, judge situations, and remind each other of what it means to be an Atom.

This strong sense of “being Atomic" means that, despite all our different strengths and opinions, Atoms work extremely well together. We feel like a real team, and we think that makes us happier and more productive.

Fitting in with Atomic's culture is so important that, when we're hiring, we rank it just as high as ability.

Atomic Offline

Whether we’re working, attending an internal seminar, biking to the brewery, or celebrating at a quarterly party, Atoms know how to have fun together.

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