Atomic Accelerator

Do more with your first two years post-grad.

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Atomic Accelerator is an accelerated professional development program for newly-graduated developers who join Atomic Object each spring.

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Meet the 2016 Accelerator Team

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Dan Kelch
Dan Kelch

“The Accelerator program is everything that I was hoping for. It's a perfect bridge from school to work, and I appreciate having the rest of Cell Zero to go through that transition together.”

Rachael Miller
Rachael Miller

“Coming in, I was afraid of being a second-class "proto-Atom.” The reality has been entirely the opposite! If anything, the rest of the company is extra excited to see us work and grow. It feels like having a whole company of seasoned developers in your corner!”

Andy Peterson
Andy Peterson

“With Atomic’s self-managed teams, each team has full responsibility for the decisions made on a project. Even as a new developer, I feel like my voice is heard, and I have an impact on my team's success.”

Alex Zurek
Alex Zurek

“Making software for clients is very difficult. But my team is teaching me how to build the right software just as much as how to build the software the right way. It’s priceless.”

Why join Accelerator?

You'll hit the ground running.

This is not a glorified internship. You’ll join our team as a full-fledged Atom, with the same benefits, pay scale, and responsibilities as other Atoms—including working on real software projects for Atomic clients.

You'll join a team within a team.

Become part of the Accelerator team, a small group of new grads learning and working together. You'll also connect with the larger Atomic team and spend time with the CEO.

You'll get coached for success.

Dive into a guided curriculum that will polish your consultant skills and teach you to make problem-solving software for our clients. You’ll also get weekly coaching and feedback from experienced Atoms.

You'll keep on learning.

Attend two development conferences each year, plus local events and user groups. Atomic is serious about ongoing learning and contributing to the larger development community.

You'll jump start your career.

Get ahead in your career by joining a consultancy, where you’ll work directly with clients and use new platforms/languages every 4-6 months. You’ll quickly gain a larger knowledge base and professional network than your friends at product companies.

You'll become an atom.

Join a tight-knit group of makers working in an atmosphere of friendship, collaboration, and respect. Atomic is a transparentemployee-owned company that takes great care of its employees. We're also making the software community stronger, smarter, and more diverse.

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How to Join


To qualify for the Accelerator, you must be:

  • Graduating with a Computer Science or related Bachelor's degree.
  • Willing to work from an Atomic office.
  • Positive, curious, and ready to work hard and learn a lot.
  • A strong communicator.
  • Team-oriented—eager to work side-by-side with designers, clients, and other developers.

The Accelerator is full for 2017, but we’ll begin accepting applications for the 2018 Accelerator in September of 2017. 

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