Professional Development

Becoming better makers, better consultants, and better people.

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We want all Atomic makers to be top-notch consultants and experts in their craft. So we provide a lot of support to help them grow.

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1-on-1 Career Mentorship

Atoms work with Career Development Managers to help them:

  • Plan and work toward their professional goals
  • Develop their strengths
  • Understand Atomic’s values and expectations
  • Resolve conflicts and make their ideas happen at Atomic

Atoms check in with their CDM weekly and have in-depth conversations several times a year. They’re your mentor and cheerleader, helping you forge a career path and grow as a professional and a person.

Opportunities for Growth

Atomic Object spent over $270,000 on professional development in 2017.

That's $4,500 per Atom—spread across many different tools and ways of learning.

Learning from One Another

We've created several programs that bring Atoms together to share their experiences:

  • The Atomic Accelerator, a professional development program for newly-graduated developers.
  • Atomic Con, our bi-annual internal conference.
  • SpinUp, a time for short tech talks by Atoms before our monthly Spin Down parties.
  • Monthly lunch presentations, where Atoms share new techniques and approaches.
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Learning from Our Peers

Atomic also pays for educational resources like:

  • Conferences (usually 1/year for each Atom)
  • Books and online training
  • Association Memberships
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • DISC Assessment & Gallup StrengthsFinder
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Leadership Foundations Course

This spring, we're launching a 12-month course to help Atoms grow as leaders. Participants will develop skills like coaching and giving feedback, influencing others, developing emotional intelligence, resolving conflict, and building effective management practices.

We're taking an action-oriented approach, with group discussions and exercises to practice the skills we learn.

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