Baker and Cook Fellowship

Annual Fellowship Sponsored by Atomic Object

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Why a fellowship and not a scholarship?

As part-time employment, income from the fellowship does not need to be reported to the institution of higher learning and will not affect other ongoing scholarships or grants.

We also believe that a fellowship better serves our goals of providing academic support, job hunting orientation, and a professional network than a one-off scholarship.

Who is eligible?

Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color (BIPOC) graduation senior currently enrolled in a high school in Washtenaw County, intending to major in Computer Science or currently enrolled in Computer Science courses in high school.

Who is administering the fellowship?

Atomic Object will manage the fellowship. Participants in the fellowship have the opportunity to be employees of Atomic Object. The funds earned through the fellowship may be spent on participant-determined priorities. These priorities may be academic or they may be personal.

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