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Going Mobile: From Idea, to Development, to Final Outcome

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, Mark Van Holstyn, Josh Hulst
Mobile Technology Assn. of Michigan
March 1, 2014
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Mobile Technology Assn. of Michigan
March 2014

If your business is in need of a Mobile App, or you've ever had a great idea for a Mobile App but been stopped in your tracks because you don't know how to find a person or company with the skills needed to execute it, then this GRAPEevent is a “must attend."

Leading mobile experts from West Michigan will talk about the Mobile App development process “from idea to finished product." You can learn the best way to determine if your business needs a Mobile App – or if another mobile solution may be the answer. You can also learn exactly what a Mobile App developer needs to know in order to provide you with an App that meets your firm's needs, along with strategies to identify the best App development firm to work with.