SCAN 3 iPad App

National Center for Drug Free Sport

In an industry where a mistake can cost someone their livelihood, Drug Free Sport uses SCAN 3 to provide drug testing that’s fast, secure, convenient, and—above all—reliable.

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Drug Free Sport iPad App Development
Drug Free Sport iPad App Development

The SCAN 3 iPad app successfully replaced the technical backbone of DFS’s business. With multiple workflows and secure data encryption, it helps DFS perform more and better drug tests for their clients.

The National Center for Drug Free Sport (DFS) does drug testing for major sports organizations like the NCAA and NFL. Their staff and worldwide network of sample collectors use SCAN 3 to schedule, manage, perform, and report on their work. It’s at the core of DFS’s business, replacing the 10-year-old SCAN 2 system, which served fewer customers and ran on decade-old handheld PCs rather than iPads.

Each of DFS’s customers has unique sampling requirements and a specific workflow. The SCAN 3 iPad app accommodates them all—guiding collectors through each workflow and helping them gather the correct data. It then encrypts the data and syncs wirelessly with DFS’s servers when a network connection becomes available. DFS staff use the web app portion of SCAN 3 to schedule collections and report their results.

All the things we set out to do, we achieved: SCAN 3 has virtually eliminated collection error. It allowed us to improve our data security. We’ve added new clients, and our current clients are testing more. Athletes appreciate and understand the system better. SCAN 3 exceeds our expectations—and we had high expectations.

Chris Guinty, COO

Drug Free Sport iPad App Workflow


  • DFS has strengthened their position as industry leaders, and their competition is trying to copy the features and advantages of SCAN 3.
  • SCAN3 has been free of critical system failures. During the first year using the application, DFS never reverted to their backup process due to an application fault.
  • Training has shown that people can learn the SCAN3 system easily and quickly use it in real scenarios.
  • SCAN3 allows DFS to collect data faster, get samples to laboratories faster, and provide their customers with faster, more comprehensive results.
Atomic took the time to understand our business—how we operate, our clients’ needs, the language of our industry—which is huge for us. We started calling Atomic Object ‘Drug Free Sport North.’ I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and with the relationship we have. Chris Guinty, COO
Drug Free Sport iPad App Design Elements

Atomic provided native iPad app development for SCAN 3 using RubyMotion and ReactiveCocoa. The team also developed an administrative web app and an API.

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Services provided

  • Software Product Design
  • User Research
  • System Architecture
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Software Development
  • User Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Deployment

Tools used

  • Ruby
  • Ruby Motion
  • ReactiveCocoa
  • Couchbase Lite
  • Grape
  • Ember.JS
  • CouchDB