Atomic Object Ranked as World’s Top Software Development Firm

Of more than 25,000 software development companies, listed Atomic in top spot.

February 8, 2023, a leading B2B agency recommendation website, ranked Atomic Object as the number-one software development company in the world this week. Using interviews with clients as well as companies’ experience, market presence, awards, and service focus, Clutch rated Atomic Object highest among more than 25,000 development firms.

Since 2001, the software design and development consultancy has built hundreds of applications for more than 175 clients—serving organizations like Ford Motor Company and Eaton Corporation. Fourteen of those clients shared their experience with Clutch via phone interviews—with an average satisfaction rating of 4.9 out of 5.

The latest client interview came from a game development company called Pixelberry Studios that hired Atomic to design and build their web app. In the review, Director of Production David Robinson said Atomic’s designers, developers and delivery leads have been an integral part of his company for the last three years.

“Atomic Object is incredible at helping us understand what we want to achieve,” he said. “They lead us through countless exercises to quantify and qualify exactly what success means from a product perspective, and then ultimately, laser guide our focus to deliver to our senior management.”

Atomic Co-CEO Michael Marsiglia says while he’s humbled by the feedback, he’s most proud of the collaboration behind the ranking.

“Every day, our team and clients work to bring the curiosity, care and effort required to produce the best possible outcomes,” he said. “ When our clients succeed, our team feels the pride associated with that success.”

Atomic’s other Co-CEO, Shawn Crowley, agrees.

“It’s a fun and greatly satisfying experience to collaborate and create new value through software,” he said. “I’m grateful for the recognition and to be working with smart, ambitious, and creative teammates and customers.”