Grand Rapids Companies Partner to More Easily Integrate AI into Software Products

Atomic Object and Iris Technology pilot webAI product in software development

May 8, 2023

Grand Rapids, MI – Two Grand Rapids-based organizations, Atomic Object and Iris Technology Inc., are partnering to help companies harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve business goals faster and smarter. 

Iris is an AI startup founded in 2019. Earlier this year, they launched webAI, a computer vision platform that is edge deployable, highly accurate, and uses significantly less data and compute time compared to traditional AI models. 

Software design and development consultancy Atomic Object is piloting webAI as an additional capability with a select group of clients. The tool’s ability to rapidly prototype and iterate models makes it ideal for Atomic’s clients because it reduces the lag between idea and deployment. 

“Most AI platforms need you to boil an ocean of data for every output. That requires lots of time and computation,” said Iris Co-Founder and Co-CEO James Meeks. “webAI can be selective in what it ‘boils,’ allowing developers to run experiments more quickly.”

Iris’ partnership with Atomic Object is a first step in their rollout to other software developers. Atomic has built hundreds of custom applications across mobile, desktop, and web platforms for clients like Ford Motor Company, Delta Air Lines, and Eaton Corporation. 

Atomic Object Co-CEO Mike Marsiglia says that from startups to enterprises, the need for custom software is on the rise.

“AI has been around for a while, but it’s finally hitting the mainstream,” he said. “The custom software applications Atomic builds will be made even more powerful with AI.”

Both companies formed this partnership to help organizations more rapidly and reliably deploy AI technology into their customer-facing digital products and operational technology. 

“Our clients are interested in using AI,” said Marsiglia. “Working with webAI provides us another tool to provide advanced AI functionality for our clients.”

Currently, webAI is under limited release for a select number of corporate clients and developers.