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We develop mobile apps that get work done.

Mobile apps can be powerful business tools. Need to work smarter? Improve your service? Expand your product offering? A custom mobile app could be the answer.

At Atomic, we make everything from standalone mobile apps to complex platforms—bringing together IoT devices, cloud storage, enterprise systems, and more.

Our goal is to maximize your ROI. Atomic-made apps are long lasting and easy to use. And we deliver on time and on budget, thanks to our smart budgeting and reliable process. We can help your company use mobile to take its next big step forward.

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Atomic was really good about getting a deep understanding of our goals—understanding our business and our business case. There’s not an endless supply of money or time, and they helped us figure out what's going to have the best impact.

– Jason Pasatta, Ottawa Area ISD


Our mobile development skillset is both broad and deep. But just as important, we have the expertise to help you make smart tech decisions—creating a mobile app that fits your situation, your business, and your budget.

Ios App Development

iOS App Development

iOS is a great first platform for new mobile products. Apple leads the way in user experience and beautiful design, and the platform is full of early adopters.

Atomic creates beautiful, sophisticated iOS apps, using the latest tools and integrating with Bluetooth LE, iBeacons, geotracking, and other innovations. We’ll help you create a smart first release, so you can launch and refine your product before expanding to other platforms.

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Android App Development

⅔ of smartphones in the US run on Android, making it essential for mobile apps that need to reach a broad market. Android is also great for internal business tools because it integrates well with Google services and is available on many different devices.

Atomic will create a polished, secure Android app that works smoothly across the wide variety of Android devices and OS versions.

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Cross Platform

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform tools like Xamarin and React Native let you build your app once, then publish it for both iOS and Android. This economical approach is great for apps that should launch on both platforms simultaneously, and those that will be maintained by internal teams.

Atomic can create a rock-solid cross-platform mobile app that will run securely and smoothly on both iOS and Android, allowing you to reach more users for less money.

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Responsive Web App

Responsive Web App Development

The most economical way to offer a mobile experience is with a web app that also works in a mobile phone browser. With just one code base, you can offer your product to web, phone, and tablet users. It’s a great solution for content-heavy apps that don’t need phone hardware like GPS or the camera.

Atomic has built many sophisticated web apps, including lots of responsive ones for both tablets and mobile phones.

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Web Cloud Backend

Web/Cloud Backend Development

Most mobile and tablet apps also require other software to store and manage data. Atomic can create a web app for managing content and accounts, set up cloud storage with services like AWS, and integrate with ERPs or other enterprise data systems.

We’ll build a mobile app ecosystem that safeguards your information and gives your users a smooth, reliable experience every time.

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Device Connectivity / IoT

Mobile apps are a powerful way to interact with physical devices and gather data from them. A smart device+mobile system can empower users to work smarter, make better decisions, and reduce waste.

Atomic can help you strategize, create, and prepare to support a connected product that will bring your service offering to the next level. We’re experienced with embedded software development, Bluetooth LE, SMS, Zigbee, and various IoT software platforms.

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Recent Mobile Development Projects

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Quell Relief iOS & Android Apps

Quell’s wearable device brings drug-free relief for people suffering from chronic pain. The Quell Relief mobile app helps 10,000 users/month control their therapy and improve their pain management.

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Singlethread Mobile Web Application Development

Singlethread Responsive Web App

Singlethread is changing car repair with a responsive web app that connects dealerships and customers. The platform dramatically improves dealership satisfaction ratings and saves staff hours each day.

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Artprize iOS App Development

2016 ArtPrize Android & iOS Apps

Using the ArtPrize app, the event’s 400,000 visitors can navigate the 170+ venues in the 3-square-mile ArtPrize district and vote for their favorite entries in real time. Thanks to an improved voting infrastructure, votes cast via the mobile app rose from 65% of all votes in 2015 to 75% in 2016.

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Drug Free Sport iPad App Development

SCAN 3 iPad App

SCAN 3 successfully replaced the technical backbone of Drug Free Sport’s business. With multiple workflows and secure data encryption, it helps DFS perform more and better drug tests for their clients.

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Atomic took the time to understand our business—how we operate, our clients’ needs, the language of our industry. We started calling them “Drug Free Sport North.” I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and with the relationship we have with Atomic. SCAN 3 exceeds our expectations—and we had high expectations.

– Chris Guinty, Drug Free Sport

Areas of Expertise

You don’t need a fill-in-the-blanks marketing app. You’re solving a unique problem for a unique set of users. That’s our sweet spot. We’ll help you make the right strategic decisions to maximize your investment.

Consumer-Facing Mobile App

Successful consumer-facing apps don’t just work—they delight users. They’re beautiful, reliable, easy-to-use. And they keep users coming back, day after day.

Atomic uses human-centered design to create delight-filled user experiences. We’ll help you plan and execute a smart MVP or proof-of concept, then use what you’ve learned to evolve your product through future phases—every one with beautiful design and rock-solid code.

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Product with Mobile Component

Mobile can make great products even better, allowing users to control devices and gather data using the phones and tablets they already own.

Atomic will create a secure software platform that works seamlessly across different devices and situations. We can do it all—mobile apps, custom device software, and any other pieces you need to transmit, store, display, and manage your data.

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Internal Business Tool

Your software runs your business... but not as well as it could. Integrating with mobile could dramatically improve your process efficiency and bottom line.

We’ll cultivate a deep understanding of your business, your data, and how it’s used. Then we’ll create a secure, easy-to-use tool that integrates with the other data sources and enterprise systems you rely on. And we’ll help you prepare to support it going forward.

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We’ll tailor Atomic’s time-tested approach to fit your unique situation.

Our process is designed to unite all stakeholders into one team—harnessing your industry knowledge and our 15 years of tech and product dev. experience. Together, we can create something enduringly valuable.

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Technology Strategy

We’ll help you choose the right approach, platform(s), and technologies to meet your goals and fit your budget—allowing us to create an app that’s still delivering ROI for years to come.

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Human-Centered Design

We’ll develop a deep understanding of your users and their goals, and use that to set priorities and create an interaction that allows them to accomplish things accurately and efficiently.

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Development & Visual Design

We’ll work in weekly iterations, creating your software one smoothly-running piece at a time. Our Agile process is transparent and flexible, so you’re free to make adjustments throughout the project.

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We’ll thoroughly test your app, then get it to your users. We can expertly navigate the approval process at the App Store or Google Play Store, integrate it into your company's infrastructure, or just find a 3rd-party host.

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We’ll keep your product in top shape with block-of-time support contracts so we can respond quickly to your needs. When you’re ready for the next phase, we’ll be there to help you make it happen.

The team was focused, dedicated, and had genuine interest in what we're doing. They cared about the project, and that came through in their zeal. Atomic took the time to truly understand what we were trying to accomplish and delivered a great product.

– Jim Nicolette, Van Andel Education Institute