Atomic's Process

Make, test, adjust, repeat.

Process Pre Project 2022
Atomic is great to work with. They really break everything down into layman’s terms so it’s easy to understand. Working as a team, we came up with some great ideas. I love their enthusiasm and their creativity.

Jasmine Olsen, City of Grand Rapids

Process RDP 2022
Atomic is all about accessibility. They take their time to provide assistance to our team and genuinely want to answer your questions. They approach problem-solving with a creative lens and bring you into the process.

Max Glick, Program Director at Lighthouse

Process Software Creation 2021
It’s great to work with an iterative, agile process. Something comes up that looks like an obstacle, and a week later you have a bunch of possible solutions.

Mike Rohwer, Ottawa Area Intermediate School District

Process Support 2022

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