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How to Make Data Make Sense: Choosing the Right Visualization

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Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference
May 1, 2017
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Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference
May 2017

Where words and numbers fail, visualizations can make dense technical information decipherable. We use graphs, images, diagrams, et cetera to understand our data, to explain our points to others, and to attempt to grasp the significance and implications of all of the masses of data that we generate. Those enormous quantities of data tend to have more than two interesting dimensions, so why are we still looking from line graph to line graph to try and unravel the mysteries of complex systems?

We'll be talking about how visualization channels affect viewers' understanding of data, how to take advantage of multidimensional visualizations for multidimensional data, and how to choose the right input and output systems to demonstrate your findings to others. Learn how to make your data make sense!