Rachael McQuater

Software Consultant & Developer, Grand Rapids

Rachael McQuater

I graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.S.E. in Computer Science in May 2016, and I joined Atomic a few weeks later. The primary focus of my career has been in human-centered computing, particularly user experience and input systems. I love to think about how we interact with the software that we use to solve problems.

During my time at UM, I served as a leader and eventually President for the Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (gEECS) club, where I focused on high school outreach and initiatives to improve gender diversity within the EECS department.

At UM I worked at the University of Michigan 3D Lab on an ongoing effort to use the Microsoft Kinect for user input and interaction in immersive 3D environments like the Oculus Rift. I brought this project to a number of conferences, including Supercomputing 2015 in Austin, TX. I gained a great deal of experience in user input systems and studied the way that we perceive and interact with information, especially in non-traditional contexts like virtual reality.

I also spent several summers as a product management intern with Microsoft, where I learned about product design and project management.

I love working at Atomic because each Atom commits to be a well-rounded consultant and developer. Great software is built by people who understand what they’re making, from the very beginning of the problem space, all the way down to the final binary and the hardware that it runs on.

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