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Ruby, Meet iPhone

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MobiDevDay Detroit
April 1, 2013
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MobiDevDay Detroit
April 2013

Objective-C has learned a lot from dynamic languages, with it's Smalltalk-inspired object system, but has totally missed out on their lessons about workflow. Big IDEs compile apps ahead of time for running on a device. There's no mechanism for poking at your app or interactively exploring APIs. Users of languages like Ruby and Python miss the ability to hack their running software in a REPL (terminal-based console) and painlessly script their development process. RubyMotion transports the dynamic language ethos and Ruby language to iOS all at once. The language is flexible and dynamic. Instead of in dialogs, configuration happens in a text file using a simple internal Ruby DSL. Apps running in the simulator include a REPL for code evaluation. There's even a built-in way to click on object in an app for dynamic introspection and manipulation. In this talk, we'll introduce RubyMotion, the platform's development tools and workflow, and third-party libraries that push the state of the art in iOS developer tools.