Drew Colthorp

Software Development Practice Lead, Grand Rapids

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In my role at Atomic, I consult on all aspects of the software development process, from sales consultation and engagement structure, through project management and agile process, to technology selection, architecture and development practices.

I started at Atomic in 2006, having graduated from Grand Valley cum laude with a computer science and math dual major. Since then, I’ve been involved in more than a dozen large software projects as well as many short-term consulting engagements. I’ve engaged as developer, project lead, design collaborator and researcher, software architect, team coach, and more.

The variety of experiences I’ve had in my time at Atomic give me both broad and deep expertise across the software development spectrum, which I leverage tactically for each client to shape projects, teams, system architectures, and agile process to maximize business value from our engagements.

My time is typically split across projects, providing part-time consulting and team support to multiple clients simultaneously. This consultant-to-the-consultants model enables me to cross-pollenate projects and help maximize the value delivered by each project.

In addition to individualized project support, I also help grow and shape overall software development best practices in our Grand Rapids office, to build leverage for future clients from our past collective experience.

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