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The resource library is a responsive web app for teachers to access and organize lesson planning materials for phonics-based learning methods.

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Brainspring provides professional development opportunities for teachers to help students find reading success.

Brainspring is a nationally accredited continuing education organization that offers courses, workshops, certification, and resources for teachers to provide phonics-based instruction to help students succeed in the area of reading. Brainspring teaches a multi-sensory approach called the Orton-Gillingham method, and provides teachers with a wealth of instruction and materials to facilitate learning in the classroom.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Brainspring’s courses were largely done in-person. As they pivoted to offer remote instruction, it was essential that the online resources provided to teachers be user-friendly.

During the research, design, and planning phase of their engagement with Atomic, Brainspring decided that the most valuable outcome would be a systematized, searchable resource library to offer teachers.

After consultation with Atomic, Brainspring decided to build a responsive web application that not only gives teachers access to the documents, but allows them to filter, search, sort, organize, and ‘favorite’ items. Their goal was to optimize teacher experience by creating a user-friendly resource.

The team was always asking great questions to understand what our goal was and what would make it the best it could be for our clients. I was so impressed with the process and how Atomic worked with us and made our idea come to life.

Jacquie Moreno, Brainspring Certification and Instruction Specialist

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Brainspring empowers teachers. Their new web app had to be efficient and user friendly to save precious lesson-planning time.

Brainspring’s future product vision is a complete lesson-planning app.

Through the consultative research, design, and planning process with Atomic, they discovered that an efficient content management system was the first step toward realizing that goal.

The Atomic team used agile software practices to keep the Brainspring team up to date on their progress.

Atomic created a project staging website to demonstrate progress every two weeks. The Brainspring team could log into the site, review features, and identify necessary modifications.

During the project, Atomic also partnered with an existing third-party vendor to facilitate Brainspring’s e-commerce goals. This successful partnership allows for a future single client sign-in for all of Brainspring’s different tools and offerings.

I loved working on a project that is a force for good in the world. It’s rewarding to give back to teachers and help children succeed in reading.

Sivhuan Sera, Software Consultant and Developer at Atomic Object

Project Highlights

The web app emphasizes searchability and efficiency. It is organized by category, with filter and sorting options, and allows teachers to ‘favorite’ items they use most. It optimizes for teachers to quickly and easily find the resources they need, saving time in their planning process.

The outcome of this work is an app that is making it easier and faster for teachers to find and organize the Brainspring documents they need so they can spend more time with their students.

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The whole team was really wonderful. We are so happy with our new site and so excited to share it with all of our customers.

Jacquie Moreno, Brainspring Certification and Instruction Specialist


Feedback from internal and external users has been overwhelmingly positive.

Real world beta testing is helping teachers and Brainspring tutors access materials in an organized, efficient way.

Atomic’s work sets the stage for Brainspring’s ultimate goal of a complete lesson planning app.

Preparing the Way

The first step in realizing Brainspring’s future goal of a lesson planning app was to create an efficient content management system.

For the content resource library, Atomic created a responsive web app with multiple features, including dropdown items, customization, and search and filter functionality.

Atomic is proud to have set the stage for Brainspring’s future success in achieving their ultimate goal of a start-to-finish lesson planning app.

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The Atomic Team

Here are some of our current Atoms who worked on this project. Click their photo to read their bios!

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Tools used

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