Atomic creates custom software that helps businesses do more.


Software Development & Design

Since 2001, we’ve made custom apps for more than 120 companies. Empowering them to run smarter, offer more services, and leapfrog the competition.

Web Apps

Websites are largely static. But web apps let users make accounts, submit and access data, run calculations—whatever you need. Atomic develops custom web apps that also work beautifully on tablets and phones.

Mobile Apps

Atomic develops apps for mobile phones and tablets—Apple/iOS, Android, cross-platform, or responsive web. We’ll help you pick the right tech and launch a breakout mobile product or hard-working internal tool.

Desktop Apps

Traditional desktop software is a great choice for business tools and data analysis. Atomic develops software for Windows PCs, Apple computers, and Linux servers.

Embedded Devices / IoT

Atomic develops the software that runs inside custom devices. We can also connect your sensor, tool, or product to the cloud and make it part of the Internet of Things. We helped pioneer embedded software testing.

“From our first project together, Atomic exceeded my expectations. Over and over, they’ve demonstrated their UX prowess, their technical capability, and their ability to quickly identify our needs and overcome challenges.”

Adam Craig, Director of Product Management, Deluxe

Our Approach

Agile. Collaborative. Transparent. Time-tested.

Custom software means far more than custom code. It means hundreds of decisions—strategic, technical, design, etc. So we’ve become experts at product development, helping you make the right choices for your users and your bottom line.


Helping you answer the question, "What exactly should I build?"


Creating beautiful, easy-to-use interfaces that delight users and make your company look great.


Writing bullet-proof code that runs smoothly and securely across multiple platforms.


Getting your product to people—with minimum hassle.


Keeping your product in top shape with block-of-time support contracts so we can respond quickly to your needs.

An Iterative Process

You have more great feature ideas than you can afford. And you’ll keep having new ideas throughout your software project.

So Atomic starts by helping you create a prioritized plan for a successful first release. Then we build your product in short cycles, meeting with you every 1-2 weeks to review the working software, ask questions, and adjust our plan as needed.

This gives you the freedom to adapt, incorporate new information, and launch the best product possible

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A Fixed Budget

Being flexible and agile doesn’t mean out-of-control spending.

We budget by drawing on 15+ years of experience. And by focusing on goals, not features—asking: How much will it take to create a product with a strong chance to succeed?

And during the project, we use a Fixed-Budget, Scope-Controlled (FBSC) approach. This lets us ask, week after week: “How can we get the most value out of the remaining budget?”

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Atomic doesn't just "do as ordered." They actively engage in finding the best solution, and we have learned to trust their expertise. They truly own the project. We highly recommend Atomic to anyone.

Marina Ferguson, Covenant Retirement Communities