Custom Manufacturing Software Development

Build a software solution that suits your exact manufacturing processes.

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Custom manufacturing software amplifies what works for you—and automates what doesn’t. Our goal is to maximize your return-on-investment. And we deliver on time and on budget, thanks to our thorough estimating and reliable process.

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Satisfied Manufacturing Software Clients

Our Take on Manufacturing Software

Opportunities to modernize abound across the manufacturing industry. How do you determine where to focus your resources?

At Atomic, we balance consultation with craft. We’ll be your guide—helping you make smart decisions that work for your business. Based on what we’ve seen in the manufacturing sector, here are three challenges waiting to be solved by custom software.

Reducing Lead-time Delays

In an environment where customer demand for speed grows insatiably, custom-built software can help identify and reduce lead time delays mirroring your precise process. Increased loyalty is an investment in future demand.

Optimizing Supply Chains

Manufacturers that invest in their supply chain optimization out-compete the rest. Custom manufacturing software helps leaders drive decision-making by integrating data across the supply chain into one useful interface.

Maintaining Equipment with Data

Predictive maintenance reduces downtime inefficiencies. Using sensors and predictive algorithms, the right custom tool helps leaders prevent equipment failure before it becomes a costly delay.
"I’ve worked with a lot of different development companies, software vendors, and startups, [but] I’ve never really worked with another company that has the level of professionalism and experience that Atomic Object has—and overall care."

Joe Bennett, IT Manager & Solution Architect at Manufacturing Company Flow-Rite Controls

Software Decision Guide for Manufacturing Leaders

Manufacturing leaders face a decision when it comes to software: should they build it or buy it?

Off-the-shelf solutions may almost fit your needs. Should you spend more for manufacturing software customized to your business?

There are pros and cons to both approaches. But how do you weigh them in your particular case? At the end of the day, the decision comes down to cost and control.

Our guide helps leaders weigh the benefits and costs of each decision.

Atomic’s Custom Manufacturing Software Services

World-class software talent; U.S.-based

Our co-located team is ready to design and develop your manufacturing software. Interdisciplinary teams are better at solving problems. And the most capable consultants want to manage themselves. Our software designers, developers, and delivery leads work together to squash bureaucracy and deliver value—fast.

Here’s a team we recently staffed on a project. Click on their photo to learn more about their passions, read their recent blog posts, and understand how their experience could unlock your next opportunity.

"Atomic Object was hired to provide a ready-made tech stack and to train our developers in the practice of web development. They worked well with our developers and were able to successfully integrate them into our existing DevOps infrastructure."

Software Engineering Team Lead, Aerospace Manufacturing Supplier

A better manufacturing software product—and a better time building it

20 years’ experience has taught us how to help you make the right choices for your users and your bottom line.

First, we help our manufacturing clients ensure they build the right software. We do this using a proven process built on Human-Centered Design principles.

Then we translate those findings into functioning software, released in two-week increments.

We supply design, development, and delivery expertise together. That means you spend less time managing vendors and more time delivering impact.

Atomic prizes transparency, and clients who engage with us feel that. Each team tracks project progress against the remaining budget. If any problems arise, the team surfaces them. No surprises.

That’s why our clients give us top marks for quality and satisfaction:

You’re the hero of your software project

Here’s how we leverage your expertise to design and develop customized solutions. It’s a time-tested process that breaks down problems and unlocks your opportunities.

Our clients appreciate us for adapting our process to what works best for them. We won’t shoehorn you into an inefficient process that doesn’t match what you're trying to accomplish. Our clients are busy, and they insist on transparency and value across the entire software creation process. We deliver.

That’s why 36 clients came back to us when they had an additional project—many for more than one product. These additional new product investments total more than $33 million.

“The people are Atomic Object’s best quality. Every single person we have worked with has been top-notch. The culture built there is just awesome, and I think that is what makes working with Atomic special. The quality of the work is also great—but that is almost secondary.“

Sr. Manager of Design, Power Management Company

Access to a Trusted Network

Atomic plays well with other consultancies in our field.

If you need a partner that specializes in manufacturing software security, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, or hardware services—we'll identify the right fit. And we'll manage the relationship for you.

Delivering On Your Budget

Many clients’ first question is, “What will my custom manufacturing software product cost?” While each project has its own budget, transparently sharing our historical project cost data gives people a sense.

Explore Product Types

Click on a label below to see costs from that type of product.

Once you contact us, you’ll be put in touch with one of our Managing Partners. They’ll answer your questions about Atomic and ask about your ideas, goals, timeline, and budget. The call should take 30 minutes.

If everyone wants to move forward, we'll schedule a more in-depth meeting. After this, we’ll send you a free budget model for your project.

In the last 12 months, we’ve helped 68 business leaders develop free budget models they used to chart next steps—whether or not it was with us.

If we’re not a good fit for your project, we’ll help you figure out where to go next.

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