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We found [Atomic] to be very well-qualified and have the necessary technical experience. Their familiarity working with embedded systems distinguished them from other options. We also liked their agile approach and test-driven development methods.

Jason Enyart, Microline Technology Corp.

IoT Device Development

Agile Embedded Development

Agile development is at the heart of Atomic’s approach to creating software. We consider ourselves pioneers in bringing Agile development methods to embedded software development.

As technology capabilities expand, embedded systems become more complex. Agile project management offers solutions to common, persistent challenges that embedded projects typically face.

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IoT Device Development

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy has changed the way that devices transmit and receive data. As technology progresses and devices become smaller and more connected, Bluetooth Low Energy has enabled smoother connectivity between systems at a smaller cost and size.

At Atomic, we are experts in embedded systems and can identify products that will benefit from integrating with Bluetooth Low Energy.

IoT Device Development

IoT Design

At Atomic, app design is just as important as development.

Human-centered design illuminates users' desires and drives the implementation of a desktop app. This approach to design delivers more than visual beauty; it models an app that is both usable and useful.

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IoT Device Development

Remote Device Management

IoT software allows users to interact with a device using their phone, tablet, our computer from a single, centralized location.

Atomic can help you plan for, create, and prepare to support a connected product that will bring your service offering to the next level.

IoT Device Development

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are a combination of hardware and software that can be used across industries—from industrial machines to medical equipment, to consumer devices.

Atomic can build the embedded system you need, with a polished end-user interface on web or mobile devices.

IoT Device Development

Application Testing

If you're going to develop the next big connected software, you're going to need to make sure it's bug-free. Our IoT developers write automated unit and system tests to ensure that the code is working properly. After those checks, our in-house exploratory testers run extensive tests to make sure every piece of your software is running smoothly.

I’ve loved getting to work on embedded projects at Atomic. Not only do they challenge you to create applications within a much more constrained space, they also give you the unique satisfaction of being able to create something for a customer that they can see and use on a physical level. It’s a really unique feeling to be able to make something and then see it positively affect something in the physical as well as virtual sense.

Joe Bustamante, Software Consultant & Developer

Herman Miller Embedded Software Development

Wireless Data Collection System

In an effort to reduce wasted real estate costs, Herman Miller engaged Atomic to build an embedded device. The result was a one-of-a-kind Space Utilization Service that let customers know which of the Herman Miller workspaces was being used, and how often.

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Microline Windows App Development

Device & Windows App

Atomic created both a desktop app and embedded device software for Microline Technology Corp. This inspection system set a new pipeline industry standard, allowing technicians to gather more data with more accuracy in less time.

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