Do I Need to Maintain My Software?

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Do I Need to Maintain My Software?

How to Budget Responsibly for Software Project Maintenance

You've made a big investment in creating a custom software package, and you want it to last for years to come. That means software project maintenance.
Do I Need to Maintain My Software?

Modernizing Custom Software on a Tight Budget? Yes, It is Possible

It’s tempting to put off software modernization when your budget is tight, but this can be a risky move. Your competitors are likely investing in their own software and modern technologies to improve their business
Do I Need to Maintain My Software?

3 Aspects of a Great Software Maintenance Team

To avoid the unpredictable costs of updating mothballed software, you need a great maintenance team — even if it's only one or two people.
Do I Need to Maintain My Software?

Human-Centered Software: Creating More Value by Balancing Feasibility, Viability, & Desirability

In a perfect world, every interface would have an easy-to-use workflow and a carefully crafted information architecture. If only reality were so kind.
Do I Need to Maintain My Software?

Don’t Wait to Modernize Your Legacy Custom Software Application

Your business is doing very well. But no one is happy with the current business application that drives key areas of your business. It’s a legacy system that is complex, old, and people have built workarounds to do their jobs efficiently.
Do I Need to Maintain My Software?

Avoid Software Rot with Strategic Maintenance

Software applications (like homes, cars, and nearly everything else) need maintenance. Even when the software itself doesn’t change, the systems/devices it runs on and the larger software environment are always moving forward. This is called Software rot.
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