Jason Porritt

Software Consultant & Delivery Lead, Grand Rapids

Jason Porritt

I love applying the wealth of creative power that software places readily at our fingertips to solve problems and create engaging experiences. My first programming book (QBasic for Dummies) was a gift from my parents while I was in Junior High, and I was quickly hooked by the things I could make my computer do. I went on to graduate from Michigan Technological University with my B.S. in Computer Science in 2003 and have been building software ever since.

I work as a Delivery Lead on our design and development teams at Atomic Object. In this role, I draw on thirteen years of development and project leadership experience to guide our projects through design, development, testing, and delivery to the market. I take on project management responsibilities, help our customers evaluate product management decisions, build clarity and alignment around the vision for the product, and ultimately do everything in my power to help create the best possible outcomes for our customers.

I started my career with several internships at Gordon Food Service and then spent five years building web software at Priority Health before joining Atomic Object. In my time at Atomic, I’ve worked on many projects, including:

  • NexGen Inquiry — A web-based educational tool built for the Van Andel Education Institute to help teach inquiry-based science in the classroom. Read the case study.
  • Drug Free Sport — Lead the team to build an iPad application, web-based administrative application, and back-end API to collect signatures, photos, and other data related to sports drug testing.Read the case study.
  • mygrcitypoints — a web-based recycling rewards program for the City of Grand Rapids. Read the case study.
  • ReapSo — an iOS application for a start-up based in Royal Oak, MI.
  • Blue Medora — Mentored development staff while providing extra capacity to finish enhancements on a couple of Blue Medora’s monitoring agents. Read more about Blue Medora.
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