Our Former Headquarters - A Historic Building

A History of 941 Wealthy

The Helmus Bros. Building

A little bit of local history

Our former Grand Rapids office is in a building design by local architect Pierre Lindhout. Construction was completed in 1916 by the Helmus family as part of their expanding business and real estate holdings that would eventually fill the northwest corner of the Wealthy and Diamond intersection. The structure has been home to several businesses and organizations and is today part of the Wealthy Theatre Historic District.

The structure originally housed the Helmus Brothers Moving Company and the Station C Post Office. Immediately preceding Atomic Object’s contract software business taking over the space, Station C Recording Studios occupied the building from the early 1990’s until 2003 (reportedly, the band The Verve Pipe lived on the second floor above the studio for a time). In 2003 Beero Partners LLC (a partnership including Atomic Object’s two principals) purchased the building and has managed its restoration and build out. Sustainable development and Green building principles have guided work on the building since its purchase.

Considerably more information about the history of the surrounding neighborhood, the architect, the Helmus Family and company, and the building itself is available in the sections that follow.

  1. Helmus Family and Company
  2. Pierre Lindhout, Architect
  3. Building History and Features
  4. Wealthy Street Neighborhood History
  5. Historical Photo Gallery

Special thanks to Past Perfect, the GRPL Local History Department, Rachel Lee, Ruth Holkeboer, and Father Dennis Morrow, Chaplain of the Grand Rapids Fire Department for their assistance and resources.