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We had a pretty clear vision of what we wanted to do. They were awesome at helping us conceptualize possibilities in a web-based environment about how it might come to life.

Bill Dinkelmann, Head of Product for Van Andel Education Institute

Web App Development

Responsive Web App Development

Web apps are incredibly flexible. With just one codebase, you can offer your product to web, mobile, and tablet users. A responsive web app is a great solution for outdated software, as a legacy desktop app can be seamlessly transitioned to a modern cloud-hosted web app.

Atomic has built 84+ sophisticated responsive web applications for both tablets and mobile devices, utilizing tools like React, Angular, Vue.js, and more.

Web App Development

Cloud Backend Development

Many apps require other software to store and manage data. Atomic can create a web app for managing content and accounts by setting up cloud hosting and storage with providers like Azure, AWS, or Google and integrating with existing enterprise data systems.

We’ll build a web app ecosystem that safeguards your information and gives your users a smooth, reliable experience every time.

Web App Development

Web App Security

Data protection is vital for the success and safety of your app.

Atomic takes customer's security concerns seriously and we employ a host of best practices, published by organizations like NIST and OWASP, to ensure that all of our web apps are safe and secure. For apps that are at a high risk of being hacked, we work with customers to help them understand what level of investment in privacy and security makes sense for their project.

Web App Development

Web App Design

At Atomic, app design is just as important as development.

Human-centered design illuminates users' desires and drives the implementation of a web app. This approach to design delivers more than visual beauty; it models an app that is both usable and useful.

Learn more about how Atomic is creating value with human-centered software >

Web App Development

Device/IoT Connection

From smart appliances to commercial security systems, IoT devices keep systems connected and running smoothly. Cloud-hosted web apps can be used to configure those physical devices and monitor their data.

Atomic can help you strategize, create, and prepare to support a connected product that will bring your service offering to the next level. We're experienced with embedded software development, Bluetooth Low Energy, MQTT, Zigbee, and various IoT software platforms.

Web App Development

Web App Testing

Without testing, software can be vulnerable to bugs and hackers, leading to dissatisfied users.

At Atomic, our web app developers write automated unit and system tests to ensure that your app is working properly.

In addition, our development teams perform functional tests to manually verify their work is performing as expected

Things that even 5 years ago could not have been done in a web app can now be achieved using robust, reliable, and maintainable web technologies. Because of these technological advancements, developing web apps is enjoyable, rewarding, and makes it easy to add a lot of value for our clients. Sera Sivhaun Nucleus 2018

Sivhaun Sera, Software Consultant & Developer

Bloomfire Web App Development
CHANGE Tech Strategy
Process Design
Process Deployment Visual Design
Process Deployment
CHANGE Maintenance
Their natural ability to talk to us in a language we could understand and guide us through decisions was phenomenal. Atomic Object provided our organization with so many educational moments without it ever feeling like they were doing so. It was always a seamless part of their communication.

Toi Valentine, Co-Founder & CPO of MeTime on their 2020 Web Development Project


GreenPath Financial Wellness Web App

GreenPath's Financial Wellness web portal creates a respectful, transparent experience for clients—24/7. The app has significantly improved Greenpath's client retention and satisfaction.

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Singlethread Responsive Web App

Singlethread is changing car repair with a responsive web app that connects dealerships and customers. The platform dramatically improves dealership satisfaction ratings and saves staff hours each day.

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Web Portfolio CQC

Cultural Intelligence Center Web Platform

The Cultural Intelligence Center helps organizations create culturally-intelligent teams, using academically-verified assessments and customized training. The web platform expanded CQC's customer base, with more than 10,000 new users in the first 4 months.

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