Chris Farber

Software Consultant & Developer, Grand Rapids

Chris Farber

Creating software is a craft. I was attracted to this craft because of how it melds together logical thinking, science, and art. Its intangible nature allows me incredible freedom in how I model my thinking and build logical machinery to accomplish my goals. This also leads to a vast depth, as there's always more to learn and new ways to think. I love that I get to learn and utilize this wealth of possibility to form the tools and ideas I need to build high-quality software.

My areas of technical expertise are diverse, including:

  • Web services
  • Native mobile apps
  • “Single page”, client-side web applications
  • Video capture and network streaming

I’ve successfully led development on projects consisting of a diverse ecosystem of distinct, yet interconnected, products and business domains. I’m not afraid of balancing and bridging a great deal of complexity in technical and business domains—I enjoy it.

Through my experience, I’ve learned that the most correct, reliable, and flexible software comes from treating complexity with great respect. Complex ideas and problems are made of more simple, logical cores. When you take the time to distill the complexity, you can arrive at elegant, fundamental expressions of logic. By carefully considering where the real-world, business value is created, and choosing the best ways to express and reason about that domain, I can set a project up for success and flexibility.

Lately, I find myself favoring tools and languages that enable me to pursue that skill, by providing me:

  • immutable data structures
  • ability to create and use functions / lambdas
  • simplicity and sanity in language syntax and conventions that make those low-friction, and the default

I’ve been with Atomic Object since 2011, when I received a B.S. of Computer Science from Grand Valley State University.

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