Josh Alles

IT Support Specialist

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I grew up on a hay farm and developed a passion for troubleshooting by being exposed to the break it / fix it style of farm equipment maintenance. The benefit of farm equipment is that it has largely visible mechanisms and you’re able to follow a problem directly back to the source. As I worked more with computers, the issues I ran into became more abstract and removed from the actual cause.

Starting out, I matched shapes and colors to holes to plug the PlayStation 1 into the back of the TV. This quickly grew into being the Audio / Visual person for my elderly neighbor hooking up a new VHS recorder, as well as the IT contact for my friends with computer issues. This led me to be intrigued with technology and gave me a sense of pride when I was able to help others locate the source of the problem (or at least make it go away).

Here at Atomic, I value the work culture and environment. The company’s purpose to be a source of fulfillment and a force for good in the community is important to me, motivating me to help Atomic grow and be as successful as possible.

In my free time I enjoy woodworking, gaming with my friends, riding my fat-tire bike, and the occasional Dungeons and Dragons session.

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