Pavan Policherla

Software Consultant & Developer, Chicago

Policherla Pavan 2022 Web

When I first took a computer science class it was on a whim from a friend. I thought it would be cool and interesting, but almost immediately after my first project was done I was hooked. I loved the analytical and creative sides of software development: the ability to not only come up with a cool and novel idea, but also have the tools to create it and see it come to life. At the time, however, I was pursuing another degree and did not have the wiggle room to take more classes.

After graduating with a degree in East Asian Studies, I spent a year teaching English in Korea. That was truly a life changing experience and invaluable in my journey to being the software developer I am today. Once I returned home, I decided I was not going to be held back and enrolled at Wayne State University’s College of Engineering in Computer Science. I hit the ground running, finished my degree, and jumped into the workforce. I eventually crossed paths with Atomic Object and was drawn to Atomic’s approach to developing software and culture as a whole.

Outside of work I can be found snowboarding if the weather is right, taking photos, or trying to decide where to travel next. I also enjoy video games quite a bit, and if I have the free time I love getting lost in the stories they tell.

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