Mattie Behrens

Software Consultant & Developer, Ann Arbor

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I've been a software developer since my parents first bought me a TI-99/4A in kindergarten, and professionally since 2000. I've worked on all sorts of systems, including customer service, intranets, data collection, point-of-sale, emergency telephony, automotive sales, and hospitality. I've also been active in the open-source community, both contributing to others' and maintaining my own projects, working in areas like software packaging, web application platforms, virtualization, and deployment.

I believe in simplicity and correctness in software design, seeking to create software that solves problems neatly and understandably, not just in development, but in deployment and operations as well.

Open Source Projects
  • brewdo – A sandboxing wrapper for Homebrew
  • octothorpe – A Python library for controlling telephony applications
  • xon – A library to easily adapt JSON-supporting APIs to readable

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