Kelly Daniels

Marketing Specialist

Daniels Kelly 2022 Web

Not long ago, I realized that my favorite Atomic Value is “Give a Shit”. Not because it’s a little edgy, but because I believe that marketing gives us a chance to make things better for others (to paraphrase one of my current favorite authors, Seth Godin).

I’m excited to be part of our marketing team because it allows me the chance to connect with people to solve tricky problems. I consider myself a marketing generalist, enjoy working with people, and look forward every day to iterating on how to share what makes Atomic great with those seeking to bring an innovative idea to life. Whether I’m a client’s first point of contact, working behind the scenes, or interacting with other Atoms, my goal is to “give a shit” about people and their goals.

I also go batty for dogs and love spending time with my two mutts, Oscar and LuLu. I adore chocolate cake, too, and can make a tasty tomato sauce in under an hour (really!).

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