Dylan Goings

Accelerator Manager & Software Consultant, Ann Arbor

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Computers have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Some say I was born with a silver Commodore 64 in my hands. I got a lot of privileged opportunities in my youth to explore the technological frontiers of programming, but it took a long time for me to come around to the idea of coding as a profession. I had dreams of being an astronaut, a physicist, a famous author, a public school teacher... In college, I ultimately abandoned a computer science major to study poetry. I joined the Peace Corps and taught science and math in Namibia.

Ultimately, I found my way back to the tech industry, weaving through different roles and experiences including IT, marketing & design, freelancing, startup development, and corporate acquisition. I've spent a majority of the last few years focused on frontend web application development and becoming expertly proficient at JavaScript. When I'm not submerged in code, I spend a lot of time thinking about best practices, team dynamics, and mentorship.

At Atomic Object, I believe I've found a place where all my disparate personal and professional experiences blend quite deliciously. I'm a big believer in continuous learning and wholes being greater than sums. I've always liked programming and working with cool technology. I love programming and working with good people.

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