Phil Kirkham

Software Consultant & Tester, Grand Rapids

Kirkham Phil 2014 Web

After being a programmer for many years, in languages ranging from BCPL to C and Assembler, and machines ranging from custom hardware to Sun Workstations, Macs and PCs, I found that one of my main talents was for finding bugs; so I switched directions and became a tester.

Not long after this switch, I had another major change and moved from the UK to come to Michigan and work for Atomic Object. I wanted a more challenging environment to work in and found it at Atomic.

I have worked on more than 70 projects in my time here, learning about a huge range of business domains and learning how to quickly test web and mobile applications.

Outside of testing, I have been exploring Michigan, learning how to care for a natural pond at my home, and photographing the scenery and wildlife.

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