Ty Swanson

Software Consultant & Developer, Grand Rapids

Swanson Tyler 2021 Web

After earning an undergraduate degree in Political Science, I attended Hope College with the intention of pursuing a second degree in Computer Science with a cybersecurity focus. After my first couple of classes, I fell in love with software development. I was particularly interested in low level programming and infrastructure. I went on to build a Raspberry Pi cluster during my final semester, and used the cluster to develop parallel programs and explore applications of computer clusters. I am currently interested in network security and I enjoy playing with Kali linux when I find the time.

Life is short, so I try to work hard and laugh while I do it. I feel lucky and privileged to work for a company where the work is meaningful and my coworkers enjoy life with me.

Outside of work you can find me searching for meaning in the kitchen, on a soccer field, in the woods, or lounging around with my two cats and Taj, my partner.

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