Aaron King

Software Consultant & Developer, Grand Rapids

Aaron King

Though native to Grand Rapids, I completed my undergraduate degree at Stanford University in 2017. In the Symbolic Systems program, I studied how cognition works for both humans and computers, as well as the History of Science, and many other things that grabbed my attention.

Throughout my time there, I developed web applications for Terryberry Company and mobile applications at Accellion Inc., and also worked on several software projects for the university. After learning and using about a dozen languages/frameworks over the past several years, I’m eager to keep expanding my skillset as much as possible.

I was introduced to Atomic after listening to Carl give a presentation at 1DevDay in Detroit, and knew very quickly that it would be the ideal place to start my career because our values aligned so well. As one of Atomic Object’s newest employees, I’m excited to explore new technologies, responsibilities, development strategies, and business domains. As a developer in general, I’m very interested in the pros and cons of different paradigms, patterns, and practices, and I’m constantly learning about the architectures of different software systems.

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